12 years of experience in multiple industries: enterprises, advertising, startups & music labels.

Working alongside multicultural teams composed of smart and resourceful people makes me keep curious, learn fast and think big.

Born and raised in Spain but always with an international perspective, I feel comfortable in foreign countries. I always loved languages and that made me enroll international multidisciplinary projects with highly talented people and high quality standards.

“ Jesus is a restless creative guy committed to each project. Constantly striving for excellence in his work, he's someone you can trust”
Chus L Esteban (Chus & Ceballos)

Skills for the digital age

UX & UI Design (Senior Level)
Identify what the user truly wants from the client and create the best atmosphere we can provide to deliver it.
Motion Graphics & Digital Creation
Advanced animated explainer videos for products, services, or business ideas in a compelling and efficient way
Digital Art Direction (Master's degree)
Trained at Miami Ad School NY from creative concepting till further visual development of any digital piece or app / web interface.
As a team, group solving skills will help us to react and find new balance. But also emotional intelligence plus empathy will keep honest peer support.

Key Features

Although trained many years ago as Art Director, concepter and idea thinker to solve user needs (based on insights) but also hypothetical future scenarios, I had to return to the mud hundreds of times as producer. Due to this, with the years I specialized as Senior UX/UI designer, being able to collaborate in all the stages of any project initiative, including final delivery. Technical evolution, user & market needs, tendencies, plus new industry standards make me adapt and learn new skills and a long range of software tools.

If your project needs to: define or redefine a strategy, interview users, create pitch presentations, mockups, final HiFi designed interfaces and then communicate and sell the project with storyboards or explainer videos, then I can help.

I’ve always been working side by side with developers and production teams making sure each step of the final production was in control. Coordination and fluent communication was key factor to optimize time and I learnt the importance of work management tools, like GitLab, or Asana, to ensure team efficiency, avoid mistakes and deliver optimum results.

Adobe XD / Figma / Sketch
Industry standards for UX/UI architecture & efficient workflow in responsive projects.
After Effects CC 2024
From complex explainer videos till visuals for music festivals worldwide and even 2D animations in SVG & GIF format for apps, websites or social media.
Adobe Illustrator CC 2024
Before the UI/UX boom was the best tool for scalable vector graphic interfaces and responsive designs. But stays as the best tool to prepare layered objects that must be animated afterwards.
Adobe Photoshop CC 2024
Mothership for advanced graphic bitmap tasks, RAW photo retouching and image manipulation.

Talents I had the pleasure to work with

I’m grateful for finding great people alongside the journey who are both a motive of inspiration and admiration. People who take seriously their careers but also their lives. Their dedication made me improve professionally but mostly as a person.

“ Jesus was part as cofounder at Project & Partners. His energy and dedication to the initiative made our project possible ”

“ If you want to provide speed & good vibes to your team, bring Jesus in. He knows how to be efficient and manage priorities ”

“ I'm grateful for Jesus and its work at Innermap. I love our project's explainer video. Couldn't ask for a better final result ”

Jesus and I we were both from the original team at Iristrace Amsterdam. He cares about the team morale and he pays attention to all project details.

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