User experience
is everywhere

The period from 1960 t0 1980 was considered the golden era of advertising, when companies would talk first to persuade consumers to buy their products & services. It was not as accessible nor cheap to reach them. But in the digital era, smartphones, apps, reviews, social media & data changed all rules. Advertising feels like noise. Now are the users the ones that speak first, and if your product doesn’t match their needs, they will buy it from a competitor. Due to this, good user experience & product value is key to survive a competitive global system.

In 2024, user experience is not as trendy as AI and automation, but is a key player in the business success metrics. Users demand swipe-and-done interactions, minimum stepsintuitive interfaces and optimisation.

From my side, I had great years working in multiple industries where I could experience this interesting new reality. And nowadays, as a curious personality, I’m always aiming to keep learning each year, while enrolling interesting businesses that provide tangible benefits and real experiences to people.

Senior UX/UI designer · Ericsson
Stockholm, SE
oct 2019 - mar 2020
Digital Art Director & UX/UI Designer · Freelance
Madrid, SPAIN
jun 2018 - jun 2019
Animator, Video Creator & Web Design · Innermap
Beverly Hills, USA
dec 2015 - apr 2018
Creative Art Director · Stereo Productions
Madrid, SPAIN
jan 2015 - nov 2015
Video creator & Graphic Designer · Suara Music
Barcelona, SPAIN
jun 2013 - may 2015
UX,UI Designer & Art Director · Project & Partners
Alicante, SPAIN
mar 2014 – jun 2014
Art Director · Startup Bootcamp (SBC)
Amsterdam, NED
jan 2014 – jun 2014
Creative Art Director & UX,UI Designer · Iristrace
Amsterdam, NED
feb 2013 – jun 2014
Junior Graphic Designer · Cadenalia
Alicante, SPAIN
apr 2011 – jun 2011
Design Intern · Iris Worldwide
London, UK
sep 2009 - sep 2011
Art Direction Masters Degree · Miami Ad School
New York, USA
may - september 2011
New York, USA
february - april 2011
London, UK
october 2010 - january 2011
Miami, USA
september 2009 - september 2010
Madrid, SPAIN
sep 2005 - sep 2009
Advertising & PR Degree · Universidad de Alicante (UA)
Alicante, SPAIN

Soft skills
& attitude

Regardless of our rank and position, these are necessary human skills that helps us interact better at work and maintain a proper non competitive atmosphere between pals.

Real trust and care in benefit of team morale and partnership, that will keep people's authenticity and will reveal their inner energy to achieve any goal.

From selling and pitching ideas till talking both with honesty and respect about any theme.
I'm good at building real trust and taking care of team's moral and peer confidence.
Analyzing every step in order to take better decisions and detect errors sooner.
& Self-intiative
With own inner drive and willing to learn. Not afraid to discover new things.

What about
the real me?

Improving as a person each year is key point for a proper evolution. Outside work, I prefer to stay rogue to the social media trend and focus on developing curiosity and learn each day from the people and the real world.

I have a positive vision for challenges and I fight for achieving personal objectives, both for my own self-fulfillment, and as a service for society.