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The Project

The startup boom happened in Europe around 2012. While working in Cadenalia, one of our clients came with and idea: to list all Spanish startups in the same website and find out formulas to collaborate, share knowledge and establish networking between its members. Since we loved the starting point, my boss and I decided to join the team and Project and Partners was born days later.

The main goal was to connect profiles and stablish strong teams in each project so in our website any startup creator could presented its project, but also any producer aiming to work in startups could join the network. You could freely navigate all profiles and projects database to request work force, associates to work with or investment from business angels. We created a whole social network where users could communicate and find businesses opportunities.

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2012 – 2015

An additional selection of web works I made some years ago.

After my master at Miami Ad School and further graduation at NY headquarters in 2009, something huge was already happening. Smartphone devices were sold in mass around 2007 and by 2008, a number of related terms such as «flexible», «liquid», «fluid», and «elastic» were being used to describe the new website and phone layouts in digital web design. Responsive design became trend in 2012 and by 2013 all the industry was specialized. Let’s watch to some responsive websites that didn’t make it into the portfolio shortlist, but were part of my learning process those years.